Monday, October 12, 2009

Food journal, etc. for Monday, 10-12-09

Well, here I go. The goal here is to be totally honest, no matter what.

Woke up late (as usual) this morning so I didn't get to pack the lunch I really wanted to. I was supposed to do it last night so that all I had to do was grab it and go, but no. I was too busy being very lazy yesterday; but I was determined this morning not to let it get me off track.

So far today I have consumed the following (will be added to throughout the day):

8am - one 6oz Dannon Light & Fit peach yogurt
80 cal, 0g fat, 16g carb, 5g protein

11am - still hungry, so I had one Quaker Instant oatmeal packet, Honey Nut
170 cal, 3.5g fat, 31g carb, 4g protein

For lunch, I had a Smart Ones frozen entree - baked chicken w/sour cream mashed potatoes; and one Jello Mousse cup, dark chocolate.

Beverages today:
48 oz water w/two Welches To Go Superfruit powdered drink packet
20 cal, og fat, o carb, o protein
OK, like I said, honesty is the key here; so I am going to be honest. I was very proud of my accomplishments as I left work, but I was craving these wonderful cream cheese and shrimp won-tons that they make at Montana Jack's. Harriet (my critical conscience - see other blog) starts in with her propaganda: ooooooo, don't they sound good? Can't you smell them? Just go have some on your way home. Just have some clam chowder or something with them instead of a big meal. You can just lie on your blog, no one reads it anyway. You can just start your new blog tomorrow and no one will ever know. You can start eating better tomorrow; what is one more day?

I told her to SHUT UP and told myself to picture some things that I desire MORE than those cream cheese and shrimp won-tons. I started picturing myself healthy, slimmer, riding a bicycle through a park, etc. The craving went away! I won!!

When I got home I was very proud of myself for overcoming Harriet's suggestions. I planned to make myself a sandwich for dinner a little later.

Skip to "a little later" and me cramming BBQ chicken wings and cold pizza slices leftover from the night before into my mouth instead of throwing them away. Skip to me eating at least six large chocolate covered graham crackers and drinking milk straight from the carton. Skip to me crying and belittling myself while Harriet enjoys the Dolphins vs. Jets game.

I also drank a Fanta strawberry soda to take my nightly meds with, along with about eight Doritos because the pills were sticking in my throat.


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