Friday, March 23, 2012

Just keep going...

Well, I am down 15lbs so far. I figure I lost 8.5lbs from my feet and ankles, 3lbs from my face, 2.5lbs from my hair, and 1lb from my left elbow. My shoes fit better, but otherwise I can’t tell from how my clothes fit or by how I look that the weight is gone.

So. Not. Fair.

Be grateful, I tell myself. Others don’t notice, but you know you’ve done it.

Sod that, my other self answers. I want people to GASP with recognition that the weight has fallen off.

Fine. I guess that means that I’ll just have to keep going now, won’t it? At some point the weight loss will be obvious because I’ll have to buy new pants that don’t fall down, a new bra because the cups are too empty (oh, that’s a joy I SERIOUSLY look forward to!), and sexier tops because the back fat is fading away.

So, here I go, plodding away to the next victory: being below 310 again. All I have to do is lose another 15lbs; and the first just weren’t that painful.

I wasn’t journaling my food (vvv bad) because I got so frustrated with it. If it frustrates me too much, it will make me quit the whole she-bang. So, no more journaling. But I am keeping track to an extent.  Truly.

I cut back on my serving sizes, especially when it came to the home-made meals. Instead of three or four heaping spoonfuls of mashed potatoes, just one semi-hefty one. Instead of eating until I feel I will burst or have a coronary episode, I ate until I was almost full, then rested my fork for a bit. I stopped eating handfuls of jelly beans to help my night-time pills go down. I drank a little more water, and took the stairs an extra time or two.

Huh, I guess that was just enough.

Onwards and upwards! Er…downwards! Hmphf. Doesn’t really have the same ring to it, does it?

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  1. 15 lbs is amazing! keep going and you'll get plenty of GASPS, i swear! people are funny, maybe they don't want to say anything, even if they notice and think it's great. But just keep thinking about those shoes. the rest will come. xx