Monday, May 10, 2010

What the...???

OK, so it's like this: I am flat broke. And I mean BROKE. I got paid last Friday and after paying my rent had all of $58 between two separate checking accounts to last me until next pay day. $58 to pay the gas bill, electric bill, cable bill, buy gas for the Rodeo so I could continue going to work to get more money next pay day, and oh yes buy food.

Well, needless to say I did not pay the gas bill, electric bill, or cable bill; I put $15 of the lowest octane gas in the Rodeo and just don't go anywhere except to work and home; and I went to Wal-Mart and bought a bunch of Top Ramen, a loaf of the cheapest bread I could find, and a jar of mayo (and no, I promise I wasn't eating Mayo and Ramen sandwiches). I have been scrounging through the kitchen cupboards and am eating what I can find in there along with the Top Ramen (I found several cans of tuna, thus the bread and mayo).

I know that Top Ramen is not a healthy food; even though the vast majority is water (at least the way I make it) there is still an extremely high amount of sodium and the noodles are fried before they're dried. But, I figured that I would still probably get a pretty healthy drop in my overall weight after eating like this for a week.

Guess what?


Not even an ounce. AAAUUUGGGHHH!!!!!!! I HATE MY LIFE!!!

More Top Ramen is scheduled for this week (get off me - they are 5 for a buck). I have not been keeping a food diary on it for this blog because even if it did work, I did not want to be seen as encouraging it for anyone else.

Has anyone else noticed that it's the cheap food that can make you fat? Boxes of Mac and Cheese sell for 3 for a buck, but you ain't gonna loose weight on that crap; or Top Ramen for that matter. Eating healthily can cost a lot more; of course, there is the argument of quality over quantity - if you eat better food but less of it, that's a good thing. However, when I am this broke I cannot get myself to buy three things that will only last me a week when for the same amount of money I can buy 15 things that will last for two weeks.

Anyone else see this as a problem??

Hopefully I can keep the electricity on until Friday, and then I will go get some better food. And no, I didn't get the backyard finished, but I did manage to get the front yard done and mowed. It's looked better, but it looks better than it did. And with less pain and suffering than a few weeks ago! Yay that!

Don't give up on me yet; I promise eventually there will be progress here. Thanks to Tricia for becoming a follower of my blog!



  1. Hi,

    Found your blog through Tricia's. Saw your comment about realizing the faith you were brought up in, is no longer working for you. Oh how I can relate! Glad I found you.

    About the ramen. Nope, it's not the best, but it's the best you can do right now, and that's enough.

  2. Cool - thanks for checking out my blog! Tricia cracks me up; she says stuff that I want to say but I gotta keep the swearing to the mild and the minimum due to family members that sometimes read it. Sigh...

    The religion thing is hard, huh? I feel like the last 25 years of my life have been a complete waste. Someday, when I get the courage up, I will write about it on my other blog; but not yet.


  3. ....hope things start to look up for you!

  4. i know what you mean about money being a problem when you're trying to eat healthy. i find that when i want to cook something healthy and delicious i need to buy so many fresh ingredients that it all really adds up on the bill. plus i hate wasting food, and it's hard to keep up with a stash of fresh veggies. it's heaps easier to get takeout or something cheap and nasty... but winter's coming where i am, so soups are pretty good for the body and the budget. enjoying spicy carrot and cumin at the moment. hope you get paid soon!

  5. I would suggest trying to figure out what to do with beans. I know they aren't tasty like Ramen, but rice and beans with a little salsa is a good option - you can throw them all in a rice cooker or slow cooker if the beans are dried (even cheaper that way) or well other options. You might want to check out vegan blogs they have lots of bean based recipes to give you ideas.

    I guess I should say I stumbled across your blog via Feminista