Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Um, I'm going in the wrong direction

Well crap.

Remember the four pounds I lost last week?  I regained 3.6 of them.  EERRGG!!!

I think I have figured out the problem, which is two-fold.

1) I am not drinking enough water.  Surprise!  For the last four days my feet and lower legs are huge and swollen.  To anyone new to my blog, I have a rather common heart condition that isn't very serious, but a very small percentage of people with this condition also have a syndrome that goes with it - I never get thirsty.  Yep, never.  Or I guess I should say, extremely rarely.  I believe this is a huge chunk of my weight issue because I probably confuse thirst with hunger.  You know the deal where you should drink up to 64 oz of liquid a day?  I'm lucky to get that much in a week - and I'm not exaggerating.  I don't drink coffee or tea so I can't count that; I can only drink water if it's ice cold - lukewarm water is disgusting; and I'm trying really hard to cut back on my diet soda consumption.  I buy the little sugar-free flavor packets in pretty much every flavor that's out there and get myself nifty water bottles, etc., but the water just sits there on my desk and never gets touched because it never occurs to me to take a drink.  So, today I am taking charge of this problem.  I set a reminder in my Microsoft Outlook to pop a reminder up on my computer screen every hour that says, "DRINK SOME WATER!!!!"  So far, it's working.  It's 10:15am and I have already had about 24oz of water.  I'm not sure what I will do at home on the weekends, but I'll think of something.

Hold that thought - I have to PEE!

Whew - OK, that's better.

2) I am not journaling or tracking my food.  I said it was my goal last week, and I blew it off.  I keep trying to track it in my head and, obviously, it's not working.  I am not owning this; I am not making it real.  I am just going through the motions, and that does not work.  I have to get it together, track, and be accountable.  I feel like I'm taking a class in school that I truly am interested in, but so far I'm just kind of cruising through on auto-pilot.  Well, I just got a big, fat, "F" on my first real test and it's like someone walked up and slapped me in the forehead.

So - two goals this week:  drink fluids, track food.  It's not rocket science, just gotta DO IT!

Oh, and the first week where I lost weight, I was wearing my C-PAP machine at night.  Last week?  Didn't wear it at all.  I'm going to wear it every night this week and we'll see if it helps.

Wish me luck!

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  1. You'll get there, Big Auntie! Baby steps. Do you read Cammy's blog, Tippy Toe Diet? She has an amazing attitude, and has been maintaining a 100 lb loss for several years. One rainy afternoon I read all her back entries, and she is very inspiring. She has a great entry up now called "The Physical Cliff".

    Good luck over the holiday! Try to get a bit of movement in, maybe?