Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Look For Da Blog

What do you think? I got bored with the format of this blog; it was so plain and stark, kind of like I felt when I started it. But I am starting to feel more hopeful and energized, and I noticed that Blogger has this new "design" feature, so I got to playing with it this morning and decided to give both of my blogs an update. This feels a little more like me. I hope you like it.

Since some of the stupid people in this neighborhood decided I had slept long enough this morning, I got up and tried to get going. I got to thinking about a conversation I had with Sissy the other day about how we don't seem to eat on the weekends (or on the days she doesn't work which is Monday-Thursday). Since those days for us do not have the structure of our work days, eating seems to take a back seat to whatever else we have going on that day. I have realized that without structure to my day, I become glued to the couch and the TV, aimlessly frittering my only free time away senselessly. I am tired of doing that. So, this morning I ran down to Office Max and got a refill for my DayTimer that I got a year or so ago to keep track of my newly diagnosed diabetes. The plan here is to combine my obsessive list making and desire for structure and put it to good use. I find that I do not plan my meals ahead of time, and that is bad, mmmkay? I intend to start planning my meals on a weekly basis so that I don't just leave it to chance and whatever I scrounge together every morning as I am running out the door to work. And if I make myself a structured plan for the weekend then I will not be eating only once a day at 4:30pm and be ordering pizza. So, that is my plan. Wish me luck.

A new follower to my blog, WarehouseActress, apparently noticed my penchant for being hard on myself and dared me to use my obsessive list making skills to make a list of all the things I like about myself. This is kind of hard because I really hate to give myself any credit for good things, lest someone feel that I am a jerk for blowing my own horn. Well, if you don't like it, tuff titties because I am going to take that dare. Here we go:
  • I am a fun person. I love all things fun and spontaneous.
  • I can be funny. Sometimes it's only me that laughs, but that is OK.
  • I am loyal. It takes a lot of crap for me to turn my back on you.
  • I am loving. I have a big heart and I have lots of love to give; if I think you need some, I am very generous with my supply.
  • I am kind and empathetic. Some people don't get the difference between sympathy and empathy; I do, and I know how to use them properly in a sentence and in everyday life.
  • I respect everyone on the planet as a fellow human being until they show me a reason why I should not.
  • I love to hug.
  • I am a really good driver.
  • I am creative.
  • I am patient. Most of the time. Usually.
  • I am a "glass half full" type of person. I try to see the good in people and situations, and always try to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt.
  • I can sing pretty well.
  • I love beauty in nature, in all its forms.
  • I believe in giving credit where credit is due.
  • I do not see people in regards to their skin color, ethnic background, religion, sexual preference, country of origin, planet of origin, or anything else that can label you. I see you as human and that is all.

This is a lot harder than I thought!! Thanks, WarehouseActress! Now, I pass her dare along to all of you. When you feel like you are stupid or too fat or a failure, make your own list. Be proud of who you are.



  1. I asm a firm believer in planning what I eat before I eat it. For a number of reasons.

    Firstly it focusses my attention on what I am doing - the stuff I am putting in my mouth and all, and I cant help thinking that the 'eat it and then see what damage I did' method pales into silliness if I can see what I am doing first - check that its ok, and then eat it. Never fall foul of the guilt trip for messing up accidentally. The other thing of course is that you always know what you need ahead of time, and can make sure you have the stuff to eat instead of scrabbling around in cupboards trying to knock together a healthy meal out of not very healthy stuff.

    The other reason I do it is that it saves me so much munnnnnnyyyyy! If I shop once a week I nearly fall over when it comes to paying for it. It always makes me panic lol. Lets take Fridays shop for instance - £124 -- thats roughtly $250 for those of that dollar persuasion. I swallowed hard and payed it. The alternative is that I spend £90 on Friday's - but then Monday, Tuesday, W..Th..I go out and spend easily another £25 each time -- so its false economy really isnt it. It makes sense to do a big shop. I cant do a big shop unless I know what I am shopping for -

    Way to go methinks.