Monday, June 14, 2010

No, Seriously, I Really Am...

OK, I gained a pound this week; just one, and I am actually OK with that. I know, I know; the goal is to LOSE not GAIN, but just trust me; it's OK.

I have my day planner on hand today; I cleaned out the freezer yesterday and dumped all of the stuff that was all stuck together and/or in there since 2008. So basically the freezer is empty except for a couple of Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines. I have my grocery list in the day planner and will hit the grocery store on the way home. I will have my meals planned for the next several days (if I try to plan more than that, my brain locks up and shuts down, and that's bad mmmkay?). I have my TV watching planned through Wednesday so that I don't just turn on the boob tube when I get home and then velcro my butt to the couch for an Olympic round of channel surfing.

I am going to get with it come hell or high water. And I will be able to record a loss on my record of weigh-ins to the right, and I will feel good about it.

So there. Pfft.



  1. Oh - sounds like a little pebble and a big ripple. Way to go!

  2. VELCRO your butt?!?! LMAO I LOVE that!!!! I'm still laughing. It's easy to be ok with whatever's wrong as soon as you take stock of yourself and set to fixin it. What an awesome attitude, I love it!! You go!!